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About Us

Makoto-Do was co-founded by myself, Jeanne M. Donnelly, and my daughter Erica Lee Daloia. I have been teaching various forms of exercise since 1978. My first job was coaching. From there, I began working at Women's World Health Spas and then Fitness Etc. for Women as a personal trainer and exercise instructor.  

I began training in Tae Kwon Do six months after Erica was born in 1988. From a very early age, Erica would come and watch my classes until she herself began to train at the age of five. At that time, I established my first children’s Tae Kwon Do class at Northeastern Tae Kwon Do Academy in Bellingham, MA at the request of my Instructor, Norman L. McLinden.

As Erica continued to advance in rank, she began to assist other students in the class. She too realized that she had a passion to teach and became an instructor. Students easily related to Erica and loved to have her teach. As we continued teaching classes together Erica and I developed united philosophies and methods of teaching.

Although I had been physically active throughout my life, while training for my first Dan Black Belt, I began to seriously practice internal styles of martial arts and disciplines in order to balance my training. I studied Meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga, Chi Gong and eventually Reiki. Erica also began training   with me in these internal styles and developed a sincere appreciation for them. Our Women's Martial class naturally developed.

After many years of experience, Erica and I have developed our teaching philosophy to foster positive altruistic attributes rather than focusing on competition and the physical aspect of training exclusively. As society continues to become more technologically advanced and people become increasingly more distant, we find this need for altruistic study to be more essential. The name Makoto-Do was chosen to represent our ideals.

Physical activity, necessary for good health and well-being, is prevalent throughout all of our classes.  It is in itself, however, inadequate. We believe that physical activity in combination with a focus on personal development is necessary. Instilling these values in children at an early age is the key to lasting and beneficial results.

We have created Makoto-Do in an effort to share our passion for the martial arts and internal disciplines. We hope that you take the opportunity to participate in our programs. We look forward to working with you!

Makoto-do Instructors 

Jeanne M. Donnelly                                                               Erica Lee Daloia


"This above all: to thine own self be true; And it must follow, as the night the day; Thou canst not then be false to any man."          William Shakespeare