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Children's Martial Art Program

This program was specifically designed to give children an opportunity to study Martial Arts in a supportive, comfortable and non-competitive environment.  Classes are structured based on the strength and emotional qualities inherent in children  to enhance  their skills and confidence levels.

Martial Art training has many benefits.  Physically, training leads to an increase in stamina, strength, balance, and flexibility.  Morally, training leads to discipline, and respect for our environment, selves, and others. Mentally, training leads to heightened awareness, concentration, and focus.

Students in our program will learn the Korean Martial Art, Tae Kwon Do, known for its fancy kicks, self defense application, and moral training.  Internal energy training, ground techniques from other styles, and strength training may also be included. Tests are held periodically, in order to give students an opportunity to earn rank advancement. 




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