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Girl's Martial Art Program

Makoto-do:  Girl's Martial Art Program This program was specifically designed to give girls an opportunity to study Martial Arts in a supportive, comfortable and non-competitive environment.  Classes are structured based on the strength and emotional qualities inherent in girls to enhance their skills and confidence levels.

Makoto-do Girl's Martial Art ProgramMartial Art training has many benefits.  Physically, training leads to an increase in stamina, strength, balance, and flexibility.  Morally, training leads to discipline, and respect for our environment, selves, and others.  Mentally, training leads to heightened awareness, concentration, and focus.

Makoto-do Girl's Martial Art ProgramStudents in our program will learn the Korean Martial Art,   Tae Kwon Do, known for its fancy kicks, self defense application, and moral training.  Internal energy training, ground techniques from other styles, and strength training may also be included. Tests are given in order to provide students with the opportunity to earn advancement in rank. 









 "My daughter really enjoys the girl’s Tae Kwon Do class.  I am impressed by the increase in her self-confidence and her ability to remember all the movements and rules.  Jeanne’s class is a wonderful extra curricular activity that teaches my daughter to respect herself and others."        H.L.      

"My daughter enjoys this class because it’s fun.  I enjoy it because of the discipline and self defense moves she is learning. Y. T.

"Both my daughters enjoy taking the Girls Tae Kwon Do Class.  It gives them self confidence, keeps them focused as well as self respect and respect to others.  Jeanne Donnelly is a wonderful and patient instructor."                   D. L.

"My daughter has been taking this class for almost a year and she has gained so much from it…self confidence, focus, concentration, self-esteem and accomplishment.K.C.


"Erica is a special part of Tae Kwon Do.  A patient teacher and a great role model. She is always in a good mood.  We all really enjoy working with Erica.  JL & KL

"I like learning new stuff!"       Kristyn

"I like sparring and moving around."                             Kylie

"No! Try not! Do or do not! There is no try."                       -  Yoda