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Liangong in 18 Exercises (shi ba fa)

List of Movements


1.    Turn Neck                                                                             2.    Draw a Bow on Both Sides                                               3.    Stretch Arms                                                                       4.    Expand Chest                                                                     5.    Spread Wings for Flight                                                     6.    Raise Single Iron Arm                                                        7.    Support the Sky with Both Hand                                       8.    Turn Trunk and Push Palm                                                9.    Circle Pelvis and Arms Akimbo                                       10.  Stretch Arms and Bend Trunk                                          11.  Take a Bow Step and Thrust Palm                                      12.  Press Palms on Feet                                                            13.  Circle Knees                                                                      14.  Make Reverse Bow Step and Turn Trunk                         15.  Bow, Squat and Stretch Legs                                          16.  Keep One Palm on Knee and Hold Up the Other             17.  Hold Knee in Front of Chest                                             18.  Stroll Through the Impregnable Pass with Firm Strides


1.   Sit Astride and Push Palms                                                2.   Push Palm in Seated Step                                                 3.   Limber Up from Top to Bottom                                            4.   Turn Trunk and Head                                                           5.   Pedal Right and Left                                                            6.   Kick Shuttlecock on All Sides                                              7.   Push Palms in Four Directions                                             8.   Draw a Bow                                                                          9.   Stretch Arms and Turn Wrists                                           10. Stretch Arms Forward and Backward                                 11. Thrust Fists While Sitting Astride                                       12.  Relax Arms and Turn Trunk                                                13.  Rub Face and Knead Acupuncture Points                         14.  Massage Chest and Abdomen                                             15.  Comb Hair and Turn Trunk                                                16.  Hold Up Palm and Lift Knee                                             17.  Turn and Bend Trunk                                                         18.  Stretch Arms and Expand Chest


1.    Breathe Naturally                                                                2.    Breathe and Exercise the Chi                                             3.    Breathe and Spread Wings                                                 4.    Squat and Exhale                                                               5.    Massage and Manage the Chi                                           6.    Massage the Face and Warm the Chi                                7.    Massage the Neck and Clear the Breath and Chi           8.    Massage the Back of your Neck and Circulate Chi         9.    Pat the Chest, Relax the Chi                                            10.  Raise Arms, Expand the Chi                                            11.  Open Chest, Breathe Easy                                              12.  Look at Palm, Preparation Breath                                   13.  Flow the Chi Thoroughly                                                   14.  Turn Waist, Relax the Chi                                                 15.  Bend the Body Backwards & Forwards, Nourish the Chi   16.  Reverse Bow Stance, Strengthen the Chi                         17.  Exercise and Enhance the Chi                                        18.  Step and Balance the Chi