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(49 Step) Meridian Qi Gong

Part 1:  Open the Channel

1.   Embrace the moon                                                              2.   Connecting "Shao Shang and Shang Yang"                     3.   Push Hua Mountain                                                             4.   Dragon coils around the pillar                                            5.   Pillar and earth connected to sky                                       6.   Hiding flower under leaf                                                       7.   Catch the Rabbit                                                                 8.   Embrace the  Moon                                                            9.   Connecting "Shao Shang and Shang Yang"                    10. Sink "Chi" to Dan Tian

Part 2:  "Chi" go through the Channel

11.  Gentle breeze going through the willow tree                  12.  "Chi" going through "Tai Ying"                                         13.  "Chi" going through "Yang Ming"                                    14.  "Chi" delivering into "Bai Hui"                                        15.   Open the "Lao Gong" gate                                             16.   Old man strikes beard                                                     17.  "Chi" going through "Jue Ying"                                       18.  "Chi" going through "Shao Yang"                                   19.  "Chi" delivering to "Bai Hui"                                            20.  Embrace the moon                                                           21.  Connecting "Shao Shang and Shang Yang"                  22.  Sink "Chi" to Dan Tian

Part 3:  Lead the "Chi"

23. Big bird press through "Ren" Channel                             24. Wipe face, comb hair                                                         25. Little boy prays for good                                                    26. Push Rock                                                                           27. Bending forward, tightening bottom                                  28. Monkey sit back                                                                  29. Crane rotating knee                                                           30. Wind blowing lotus leaf                                                      31. Two dragon stick out the beard                                        32. "Chi" reaching "Yong Chuan"                                            33. Sleep on pillow                                                                   34. Head down and ear massage                                          35. Head up look at the sky                                                     36. Hold helmet over the head                                                 37. Holding "Chi" like holding the ball                                      38. "Chi" reaching "Yong Chuan"                                            39. Embracing the moon                                                          40. Connecting "Shao Shang and Shang Yang"                      41. Sink "Chi" to Dan Tian

Part 4:  All "Chi" Coming Back

42. Hands over the piano                                                         43. Two Dragons playing in the water                                     44. Swimming fish moving their tails                                         45. "Chi" delivering to "Yun Men"                                              46. Close "Yun Men" gate                                                          47. Rooster standing on one leg                                               48. "Chi" reaching "Yong Chuan"                                              49. All "Chi" coming back

The End


Meridian Channels


Lung                 Taiyin

Pericardium        Jueyin      

Heart                Shaoyin     

Large Intestine   Yangming

Small Intestine   Taiyang   

Triple Burner      Shaoyang


Kidney               Shaoyin   

Spleen               Taiyin      

Liver                  Jueyin   

Stomach             Yangming

Bladder               Taiyang

Gall Bladder          Shaoyang

Ren Mai Channel

Du Mai Channel