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Qi Gong (Chi Gung)

Qi (chi) Gong is often translated as energy exercise, although gong implies more than just exercise. Gong is something that one must work diligently at in order to achieve something valuable.

The forms that we offer, Therapeutic 20,  Liangong in 18 forms, 49 Dynamic Meridian Qi Gong and 8 Brocade, are meditative in nature, easy to do, and simple to practice. All are standing forms, with continuous flowing movements.

Virtually anyone can do these exercises. If one has an existing injury or medical consideration, or has a difficult time standing, the moves can be easily modified. 

Those who have difficulty with seated meditation find Qi Gong to be a beneficial alternative, and eventually, a nice transition to seated meditation. 

For those that are used to moving quickly, and constantly multi-tasking, these exercises help to calm both the mind  and body allowing the student to become more productive.

Although Qi Gong has basically the same principles of       Tai Chi, students find these Qi Gong forms easier to learn.  They are in fact a wonderful foundation for Tai Chi.

Therapeutic Qi Gong   (Liangong Shi Ba Fa)        This particular Therapeutic Qi Gong form was created by    Dr. Zhang Yuan Ming of China.  Dr. Zhang, an accomplished martial artist and doctor of traumatology studied with Grand-master Wang Ziping. Therapeutic Qi Gong practice is used to to keep the body healthy, prevent and heal illness and injury, increase focus, balance and flexibility, and decrease stress. 

Therapeutic 20                                                        Therapeutic 20, is a precursor to Liangong in 18 forms. It was originally compiled by the famous Grandmaster Wang Ziping, (1881-1973) and continued through his son-in-law  Wu Chengde and granddaughter Helen Wu. This form was derived from the ancient exercises: daoyin, wuqinxi, yijinjing and baduanjin.

(49 Step) Meridian Qi Gong                                                           This form of Meridian Qi Gong is a little more in depth than the above Liangong form. Created by Professor Zhang Guang De, it concentrates on specific meridian points along with some of the meridian channels of the body. It  is also considered a therapeutic Qi Gong exercise. Students practicing this form have the opportunity to learn about Meridian points and channels. 

Eight Section Brocade: Standing and Sitting               Eight pieces of Brocade also called Eight Treasures, is said to have been created by Marshal Yue Fei, born February 15th, 1103 A.D. murdered while unjustly imprisoned at the age of 38 on January 27, 1142. This forms is easy to learn and can be practiced in a short period of time.

Ms. Donnelly studied these forms of Qi Gong with Masters Wen-Mei Yu, Aihan Kuhn, Doctor of Chinese Medicine in Holliston, and Wen Ching Wu in Rhode Island. 

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"Instructor knows her material & transfers to her students."


"I like both Chi Gong methods."




Jeanne encouraged questions and emphasized adjusting the movements to our individual comfort level and physical ability.  It was relaxing & vitalizing and very enjoyable. Jeanne obviously is a qualified instructor”

"The class was very informative and  exciting. Not much I would change."





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