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Therapeutic Exercises in 20 Forms

1.   Absorb the pure essence from the mountains & sea       

2.   Nazha searches the sea

3.   Rhino looks at the moon

4.   The feudal king lifts the tripod

5.   Draw the bow on both sides

6.   Nestlings receive food

7.   Pluck the stars and rearrange them

8.   Dapeng digests it’s food

9.   The wind moves the lotus leaves

10. The immortal pushes the tablet

11. Insert a palm into hua mountain

12. White horse parts its mane

13. White crane circles its knees

14. The wanderer takes a break

15. Luohan tames the tiger

16. The skillful blacksmith lubricates the wheels

17. Phoenix spreads its wings

18. Green dragon dashes about and turns around

19. Lotus swings in four directions

20. Traces of immortals pacing forward and back





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