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Makoto-Do Safety Rules

Never open your house door for someone you do not know. Never let a stranger know you are home alone. Call a parent or trusted adult right away if someone does come to the door.

Always let a parent or person in charge, know where you are, and where you are going.

Try to be with another person when you are out.

Always let a parent know if someone offers  you money, gifts or medication.

Do not take food or drink from someone you  do not know.

If someone touches you or tries to touch you in a way that feels uncomfortable to you, or that you know is wrong, you always have the right to say no and get away from that person.

Tell a parent or an adult that you trust. 

If a person tells you not to tell a parent, tell   a parent. 

If a person tries to bribe you or tell you that you will get in trouble, or that your parents will be hurt, tell a parent anyway.

Do not give out personal information on the phone or internet, unless you are sure who you are talking with. People can try to fool you and pretend they are someone else.

If you get lost in a crowded place, stay where you are, (if it is safe), and wait for your parent or person in charge to find you. Do not leave the area with a stranger.

Be aware of things and people around you. Look around!

Never get close to the car of a stranger.   If the stranger is asking you a question, do not talk to the stranger, even if the stranger is lost, has lost a pet, needs help, or is sick. Get away from the car. Keep an eye on the car until you are away. Tell a parent or trusted adult immediately.

If you think you are being followed by someone you don’t know, get to a safe place right away.

If someone you don’t know tries to hurt you or take you somewhere:

- scream and fight

- run away

- get to a safe place

- tell a parent or trusted adult immediately

- or call 911.  

If anyone ever hurts you or tries to hurt you, it is never your fault. Never be afraid to tell.