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Makoto-Do offers Self Defense Programs for both Women and Children, mothers and daughters as well as classes for College Students and Senior Citizens.

Self Defense Programs for Women & Teens

All of our Women's Self Defense programs are taught by head instructor and 4th Dan Black Belt, Jeanne M. Donnelly, with Erica Daloia, 3rd Dan Black Belt. Our classes are designed to teach practical and effective Self Defense, in a non-intimidating environment. These classes  are taught at different locations and vary in time and length.          

Women's Self Defense Classes now offered by Makoto-Do Instructors at the Medway Senior Center building, held on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month from 4:00-5:00 excluding Holidays             January 2019 Classes: January 6th & 20th

 Ages 12+  All levels welcome. No experience necessary     Call Jeanne at 508-361-0432  to register or ask questions. Classes are offered at $15 per person, $12 seniors 65+

Our Self Defense classes include training in:

Safety and Awareness

Distance and Stance

Grab Releases

          Blocks and Strikes

          Weapon Defense

          Falling and Defense from the Ground

College Safety

Internet and Dating Safety

Self Defense Programs for Children

All parents want their children to be safe.  We always hope that they will never have to physically defend themselves. If a situation occurs where they have no choice but to defend themselves, we want them to be able to defend themselves successfully.

In addition to Martial Art classes for Girls ages 6 and up, Makoto-Do offers Self Defense classes for children at various times and locations throughout the year through requests from groups such as girl scouts, brownies, and schools. 

Our classes are designed to teach children about safety and self defense techniques to help them avoid or remove themselves from a dangerous situation.

The ultimate goal of self defense training is to teach awareness, safety rules, and confidence that allow participants to avoid being in a situation where physical defense is necessary. However, given that there are inevitably times where a situation does require physical defense, children are taught basic physical self defense skills to help escape from a dangerous situation.

Your children can feel more confident and be better prepared through basic self defense training.

* See news for upcoming self-defense classes or call (508) 361-0432 to schedule one.







"Women must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself"
Susan B. Anthony








Student Comments:

"This course was very well prepared and the instructor was very knowledgeable”

"I've been looking for a class like this for a long time - very satisfied.

“Class went very quickly! I learned a lot in a short amount of time. Very well done”

"Very valuable information.     Thank You. It was great to see   our daughters demonstrate the defensive and offensive moves.   It makes me realize that we really need to take another class to reinforce what you taught us today"



 Girls Safety and Self Defense Classes offered by Makoto-Do in Natick, MA               


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