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Senior Program

Makoto-Do offers classes to Seniors through area Council on Aging Centers in Bellingham, Medfield, Medway, and Foxborough, MA, for very low fees. (These programs are graciously available to non-seniors as well.)

The older we get, the more important it becomes for us to maintain balance, strength, and flexibility. ("If you don't use it, you lose it".) All of this can be accomplished through regular practice of gentle forms of exercise with an experienced Instructor.

As we age, we also tend to develop a justified fear of falling.  Consistent participation in exercise classes has been shown to decrease incidents of falling.

Fall Prevention Classes: Education and information about ways to prevent falls along with specific exercises which address the most common ways that people fall.

Core Balance: A combination of chair and standing exercises to improve core balance, flexibility, strength and balance. These exercises help seniors remain independent and able to enjoy their lives.

Easy Exercise:  A program for those who have not been exercising and need to ease into an exercise class, and those healing from an injury or medical condition.

Tai Chi for Healthy Aging. A gentle tai chi program which utilizes both chair and standing exercises. This is an evidenced based falls prevention program through Brookline Tai Chi in collaboration with Dr. Fuzhong Li's Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance Program. read more

Tai Chi / Qi Gong  

All of our classes are gentle and safe and help to heal and prevent injuries and medical problems. Accommodations can be made for those with existing injuries and medical conditions.

Makoto-Do also offers Wheel Chair Tai Chi/Qigong classes.

In addition to helping to heal and prevent injuries and medical conditions, Tai Chi, and  Qi Gong help to decrease stress and create a calm feeling in both our minds and bodies.

Participating in group exercise in itself is beneficial in many ways. Not only do we become invigorated by the energy of the group, but the group members help to motivate and encourage us as well!

Tai Chi class participant is 90 years old

Emily just began practicing Tai Chi. She is 90 years young! x1391864738/PHOTOS-Tai-Chi-in-Medway?page=0#ixzz2WWCqbP77

*Please see Schedule for times and locations. 


"I am 84 years old and Chi Gong is part of my life. I tell everyone about it and most people don't know what it is. For many years I have watched the people of China do their exercises out in the parks and many of them are old people.  I think of myself and how good I feel. Some mornings I don't feel too well and I feel like skipping them but I talk myself out of feeling sorry for myself and I put in the tape. The music calms me and I get to work. I have not mastered the deep breathing yet.  I know that when you breath deeply your brain gets more oxygen and that helps you think more clearly...... 


We in America are all out of shape. Most workers just sit at a desk all day. .....


I think industry should lay aside some time for a little workout to change the positions and breath new life into our robotic souls.


Chi Gong could be taught in schools in the Gym class. When I think of it I looked forward to Gym and I always got an "A". One of the very few that I got.


Now I am busy nearly every day and I tell my friends that I keep moving so the Grim Reaper won't know where I am.


These are my thoughts that are written here. They may not be of any value but just a few words to let you know how I feel and to thank you for giving me the privilege to strengthen my body."  L.D.