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Academic Achievement

This program will recognize students that go above and beyond with their school work.

Because every school and every grade level evaluates students differently, a evaluation system is used which takes these differences into consideration.

In order to receive this achievement patch students must meet one of two criteria:

* 93% or more of the highest possible mark in all graded areas. An extra 2% will be given to any student who has perfect attendance. (As the students get older this percentage will change to accommodate a decrease in the amount of graded subjects.)

* Show improvement in one area. In order to qualify for this second option a student must submit three consecutive report cards indicating the area in which they have continued to improve over this time.

Report cards will be collected during the months of January and June and during these two months the students who have met the requirements will be recognized.

Students that wish to participate in the program are asked to submit copies of their report cards in January and/or June. Please also include attendance records if possible. Students that are already recognized will not be given a second patch but are still welcome to submit their report cards as we love to see all of your achievements!