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Girl's Martial Arts News:

Congratulations to:

Childrens Martial Art Promotion at Makoto-Do in Natick, MA 

Jaedyn for promotion to 4th Gup Brown Stripe 

Girls Martial Art Program, at Makoto-do, Natick, MA

Kyra for promotion to 5th Gup Brown Belt

Girls Martial Art Program with Makoto-Do at Ten X Club, Natick 

Sarah for promotion to 6th Gup Blue Stripe

                        Natick Mass Martial Art Program, Makoto-Do

Bailey for promotion to 9th Gup Yellow Belt 

Makoto-do student receives blue belt

Shayda for promotion to 7th Gup Blue Belt

Tae Kwon Do, Makoto-do student Ariana receives her yellow belt

Ariana for promotion to 9th Gup Yellow Belt  

Salamander visits class and participates in takedowns!

A special thanks to Jaedyn for bringing her class pet, the Hellbender Salamander, Olive, adopted from the World Wild Life Fund to visit and participate in our class. Maybe a little self-defense training will help her survive longer!

Makoto-do student brings Salamander to girls martial art class

Hellbender salamanders are threatened due to agricultural runoff and damming of rivers and streams for recreation and power plants. For more information about endangered species, visit their website at

Olive also got to travel with Jaedyn and her family to Colorado.                

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Congratulations to those who

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 Assistant  Instructor  Program

                  has begun! 

    Jaedyn, Kyra and Sarah