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Parent's (S.O.) Information

Dear Parents and Significant Others:

Welcome and thank you for your interest in our Children’s Martial Art Program. I hope that you will find the following information helpful.  Please review all of this information     with your child.

Attendance/Punctuality                                                  Please encourage frequent attendance and have your children arrive to class on time, whenever possible.  This helps your children build discipline, reliability and dedication. If a student legitimately cannot get to class on time, it is better s/he be late than absent. Students should attend classes twice a week whenever possible. Attending classes at least twice a week provides greater consistency, less frustration, and allows your children to receive the most benefit from their training.                       

Behavior                                                                        Students are expected to exhibit respectful behavior at all times. As Chief Instructor I retain the right to cancel a student who I determine to be disruptive in class, not interested in learning, not following directions, or using their skills to intimidate or hurt others in or out of class. (For other reasons, some children may not benefit from our program. When in question, I will evaluate children during the first month and let a parent know if the program will be beneficial or not.)

Behavior Outside of Class                                          Respectful behavior is expected outside of class as well as in. We trust that you will let us know if your child uses martial art strikes inappropriately, outside of class.

Inside the Gym                                                                       For safety and liability purposes, students are not to use    any gym equipment without an Instructors’ supervision,   and may not play in the gym.

Study Material                                                                Students will be given study material with terminology and test requirements for them to study at home.  Parents are encouraged to help them study, but should not have to push them. The student should be willing and appreciative of their parents’ assistance.

Terminology                                                                     Students are required to learn specific terminology and   recite it to an Instructor prior to their physical test, in order    to advance in rank.  Students must also remember past terminology and should therefore review it regularly.

Testing (rank advancement)                                           Tests will be held periodically dependent on student readiness. Because students will learn and progress at different rates, students will not test at every test.

Testing readiness and level is based on effort put forth in class, attitude and respect level, number of classes attended, ability and skill shown in performing techniques required for a given level, and knowledge of terminology required for that level.

In this program, belts are earned, and not given to students.  Students need to prepare and work hard for their tests, and know what is required, as listed in their study material and practiced in class.  Students either test for a stripe on their current belt and/or next belt level.  If they are testing for their next level, they must submit a test application form with fee, prior to the test date.

If a student comes to a test unprepared, s/he will be advised to prepare further, and may be eligible to test at the next scheduled test.  This can be difficult for students to accept, and is an important part of their training.  Students should be proud of their accomplishment  and know that it was earned. (If a student is sick during a test and a parent calls informing us of this, s/he may be eligible to test before the next scheduled test).

Relatives and friends are always welcome to watch tests (quietly).

Uniforms                                                                          Students wear uniforms during class.  Uniforms are ordered at the time of registration, through Erica or I. Tank   or tee shirts can be worn under uniforms, as they do not  close tightly.  Uniforms should be kept clean and neat.

Bare Feet                                                                              Students will be working out with bare feet, unless s/he has a foot injury or rash. Bare feet allow for easier movement, and proper foot position.

Safety and Self Defense                                                       This program includes a strong self defense component that teaches children how to deal with bullies and strangers. At times we will have Self Defense classes where the children wear their play clothes to class, and we focus for the hour on self defense. 

Competition                                                                                  I do not teach or encourage competition or tournaments among students or other schools. Students compete only  with themselves to continue to mature, and advance in rank.

Sparring                                                                                   Advancement in Tae Kwon Do requires students to practice free sparring to learn effective self defense. The children will begin very light sparring as white belts. Once they obtain yellow belt, we will add a little more contact. This program will not teach competition sparring, and will always emphasize control and safety.

Sparring Equipment                                                          Once a student reaches Yellow belt, they are required to have sparring equipment for their protection (fingers and toes injure easily).  Sparring equipment is ordered through Erica or I.  Mouth pieces are additionally required when the children start sparring. Forearm and shin pads are optional.           

Injuries                                                                                      We will obviously do our best to see that students do not get injured.  Because this is a physical exercise program however, injuries can occur.  We will always let you know if your child does get hurt in class that we are aware of.  We also expect that you will let us know if your child tells you s/he was hurt in class, and we were not aware of it.          

Patches                                                                                Patches may be awarded to children for various achievements or behaviors.

Flags                                                                                     Students will receive an American Flag patch after attending 50 classes and a Korea Flag patch after attending 100.

Academic Achievement                                                       We encourage students to do well in school while participating in this program, and will award academic achievement patches to those that do.

S.W.A.T.                                                                                  Erica has developed a Special Winning Attitude Team program for students which allows them to apply themselves further by participating in community service and increased personal development. Students achieving their goals will receive a S.W.A.T. patch during an induction ceremony for parents and friends. This portion of our program also requires home study.

Demonstrations                                                                      We may have periodic demonstrations for parents to see their child’s progress, or to show the program to others.

Pictures                                                                                     We will periodically take pictures during class to use for promotion of the program on our web site, bulletin boards, brochures, rank advancement, etc, for those who sign a release. If you do not want your child’s picture taken, please let me know.

Parties                                                                                       We will have a few parties throughout the year where we will play games. Students can wear either uniforms or play clothes (no dresses or skirts). We may also have food, and parents are welcome to bake or bring something when convenient.     

Private Lessons                                                                Private lessons are available at an extra cost to any student.  Typically students schedule private lessons when having difficulty and need individual attention, have missed classes and would like to catch up or review, or can’t come to as many classes as they would like. You can let me know if you are interested.

Parents and Significant Others Watching Class         Moms, Dads, and Significant Others are welcome to watch class at any time. We do require however, that you refrain from interacting with your child while class is in session. This is distracting to your child, other students in class, and the Instructors.  If you feel it is too tempting for you not to talk, please do not watch!

Siblings                                                                                     As mentioned previously, safety and liability require that children, and non-members of the gym, not use any of the gym’s exercise equipment.  Siblings must not be unattended while in the gym.  They are welcome to watch class, provided they can do it quietly, with a parent or S.O. present.                          

Dropping off and picking up your Children                     For the safety of your children:                                           Be sure that an Instructor is present before leaving your child.                                                                                            Do not drop your child off more than 15 minutes before class unless you are there to supervise.                            When leaving class, the children must wait inside until a parent or guardian comes to pick them up (We will be glad to wait with your children at the door.                               Let us know when someone else will be picking your child up from class.                                                              Please pick your child up on time, as I often need to leave directly to teach a class in another location.

Medical Issues/Emergency Information                           Be sure to provide us with initial emergency and medical information by filling out a form with us as well as the front desk. Let us know if your child develops an illness, injury, psychological condition, or allergy. Also be sure that we have your cell phone and an emergency number, if you are not staying to watch the class. 

Finger/Toe Nails                                                                Because students will have a lot of contact with each other during class, it is important that students keep finger and toe nails short at all time. Please help them to comply with this.

Cancellations/Holidays/Snow Days                                  We will not have class on the major Holidays and some of the minor ones. If the gym is closed, we can not have class.  We will try to give Holiday and Vacation cancellations in writing.  Please ask if you have a question.

If the school in the town the class is held, is cancelled because of snow, our class will also be cancelled. If it is snowing, or bad weather is predicted, in the afternoon, please call the gym for cancellation information, or call me  at  508-361-0432. 

In case of an unexpected cancellation, please be sure that I have the best number to contact you. 

Payment                                                                                   Our program is an ongoing program, paid monthly. Therefore, parents have no long-term financial commitment, and are free to cancel during any month.  

Communication/Questions                                                The employees of the gym are available for signing up students and cancellations. Anytime you or your children have a question concerning our program, please let Erica or I know. Your child may also have questions for an Instructor that they are uncomfortable asking. Parents are certainly welcome to talk to the Instructor for them. If you would like to talk to me outside of class, you may call me at 508-361-0432 or email at 

Missing Classes as Punishment                                           It is our recommendation that parents not use our program as punishment (not allowing children to come to class).  I see Martial Art training as similar to school or religious participation.  We teach discipline and respect in class.  If there is an issue outside of class, we will be more than happy to address it with the students. 

Classes for Parents                                                                 As you can see from our web site, Makoto-Do also offers classes to adults in Tae Kwon Do, Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Gong. 

Lastly,                                                                                        We will make every effort to make this program both fun and rewarding for your children, and youYour participation and support are essential.


"If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders."                     ~Abigail Van Buren

"Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle."
- John Quincy Adams