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Rules of Makoto-Do

Please be sure to study these rules and above all, follow them!

Come to class regularly and on time whenever possible      Let the Instructor know if you will be out

Enter the school in a respectful manner                                      Remove your shoes at the door                                             Bow as you enter the school                                                  Bow to your Instructor

Wear a clean uniform                                                                 Do not play with your belt, or drag it on the floor

Change quickly into your uniform                                              Be respectful of the members while in the changing area   Use the bathroom before class                                                Let your Instructor know if you are sick or have an injury

Have long hair tied back                                                        Take off all jewelry before beginning class                         Keep finger and toe nails short                                             Take off shoes and socks

Sit still and straight when sitting in a circle before class  Listen to others                                                                          Do not interrupt others                                                          Raise your hand quietly when you have something to say

Wait to be bowed into class if you are late                           Line up according to rank unless otherwise instructed         Do not cut through the lines to get to your place in the class, walk around                                                                               Face away from the front and Instructor to fix uniform or belt

Raise your hand if you have a question or request               Ask your Instructor if you need to leave practice for any reason                                                                                       Bow as you leave                                                                    Wait for the Instructor to bow you back into class if you leave during practice                                                                           Let an Instructor know right away, if you get injured in class

At all time, show respect to:                                             Instructors                                                                             Partners                                                                                School                                                                                  Parents and others outside of the school                               The Environment

Do not carry on conversations during class                        Speak respectfully and politely at all times                          Avoid sarcasm                                

Sit and stand still when not performing techniques            Listen carefully to your Instructor's commands

Answer Instructor yes ma’am or sir                                         Do not argue with an Instructor at any time

Be respectful to employees and members at the gym           Do not play with, or on, any equipment at the gym                Do not chew gum in class

Show enthusiasm and intensity in class                              Work hard in class                                                                    Act seriously and maturely                                                   Kihap deeply and strongly

Work cooperatively with partners                                        Never bully, tease, laugh at, or insult others                            Be patient with other students                                             Share with other students                                                      Help beginners

Get ready and dress quickly after class                                   Do not argue with or act disrespectfully to your parents         Do not play with siblings in the gym

Practice at home                                                                   Study terminology regularly, and be ready for assigned tests Complete all homework assignments on time and completely Never use Tae Kwon Do techniques outside of class unless necessary for Self Defense                                                   Work hard in school and on your homework