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Tai Chi

Although Taijiquan is a martial art, many people today call  the art Tai Chi, and practice it in order to relax, and increase their overall health. Tai Chi is frequently recommended to patients by their doctors for prevention and healing of injuries and illness.

People who have existing injuries or medical conditions or increased age, may not be able to do strenuous forms of exercise, Tai Chi, however, can be enjoyed by almost anyone.

The benefits of practicing Tai Chi regularly, are limitless,   but include:

- Decrease in tension and stress

- Increase in balance, strength, coordination and flexibility

- Healing for injuries and other health problems

- Increase in mental focus and clarity

The Taiji symbol of Yin and Yang, familiar to most people, can be loosely interpreted as the grand ultimate and Taijiquan, as grand ultimate fist.

The Taijiquan, (24 Posture) Simplified Form was developed by the People' s Republic of China in 1956, and was derived from the Yang Style Long Form.  It can be practiced in a small area and takes only 6 minutes to complete. Understanding and applying the principles is most important.

32 Posture Tai Chi Sword is one of the many sword forms practiced by tai chi students.

Many people have taken Tai Chi classes in the past and continue to find schools and teachers to assist them in enhancing their practice. 

Learning the form is not difficult provided the student comes to class regularly and makes the effort to learn.        

Practicing outside is idea   


 Ms. Donnelly, in Bejing, China

World Tai Chi / Qigong Day
April 28th, 2018

We had a perfect day for our World Tai Chi / Qigong Day event at the Bellingham COA
Thank you to all those that participated

World Tai Chi Day 2018

See: for information about this event worldwide.

Student Comments:

"Excellent. Instructor always makes times for question and answers them thoroughly."

"Challenging but interesting and enjoyable."

"Outstanding instruction."

"I love it. It takes away a lot of aches and pains."

yang chengfu
Master Yang Chengfu

"Carefully study"

"To make the whole body light and agile suspend the headtop"

"Think over carefully what the final purpose is: to lengthen life and maintain youth"

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